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AC Nasal Steam Inhaler

AC Nasal Steam Inhaler

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Nasal Steam Inhaler

A portable steam inhaler for steam therapy.

Steam therapy involves the inhalation of water in vapor. The warm, moist air work by loosening the mucus passages, throat, and lungs. This renown traditional home remedies soothes and opens the nasal passages and get relief from symptoms of a cold, sinus infections. 

Inhaling hot steam with essential oils relieves nervine headache, stimulate nervous activity and also fights pathogens in the paranasal sinus cavity. This therapy is ideal for mind and respiratory disorders.


Inhalation: Steam Inhale

Place portable steam inhaler on a table, pour hot water on the space provided and switch to the maximum, add one to two drops of essential oils into the hot water, insert the nozzle and place your head over the steam with your mouth open. Take deep breaths through your nose and mouth and exhale slowly until steam finished.

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