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AC Nasal Inhaler

AC Nasal Inhaler

Colours of PET and Aluminum inhalers will be selected at random.

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SPA Nasal Inhaler is one of aromatherapy traditional techniques used to offer a wide range of benefits with a faster approach.The nasal inhalers come in small, discreet tubes for on-the-go aromatherapy to enhance breathing, relieving congestion, mood-boostings, increasing focus and an overall refreshing feeling.

Note: Colors are packaged at random.


1) Pet Stick

2) Aluminium Stick


Remove the cap from the inhaler tube, add 10 drops or more of any desired blended essence to the cotton wick provided, insert the side with the oils to the top and, close the cap tightly.

Direct inhalation

Remove the cap, and hold the stick up to your nostril, gently inhale the refreshing aroma, and repeat with your other nostril to allow the essence to quickly enter the bloodstream for instant relief and benefits.


PET nasal Inhaler is only recommended for 2 weeks usage and the Aluminium nasal inhaler is reusable with a new diffuser pad replacement.

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