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SPA Partner | Class 3

SPA Partner | Class 3

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SPA Partner
Invest in RM1700 and get ;

  1. 2000CP to redeem any purchases on SPA online products
  2. SPA Level 3 SkillShare (8 days @ 19 seminar hours)
Lucy will also be introducing another 15 Essential oils, detailing the therapeutic application and method of application of each Essential oil. You will also be equipped with knowledge about basic ailments & causes, then learning the applications & usage of Essential oils. This class will also touch on cosmetology and beauty issues, where you will learn the aesthetic use of Essential oils. Lastly you will be taught self massage techniques for headache/migraine, sinusitis, and muscle strain.
Terms & Conditions apply
Kindly note you are only eligible to purchase Level 3 upon successful completion of SkillShare Level 1 & 2 consecutively.

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