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Instant Relief

Instant Relief

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SPA Instant Relief is the ultimate natural relief for neuropathic pain and sciatica. This mixture of ideal analgesic and anaesthetic potent concoction is found capable of relieving any nerve pain related conditions instantly. 

Options available:

1) Pre-blend

2) Prescriptive blending 

  • Organic Pre Blend- minty-herbaceous

Eucalyptus essential oil- analgesic, anti-neuralgic- relieves nerves pain; Lavender essential oil- analgesic, anaesthetic- relief of nerve pain, lumbago; Rosemary essential oil- analgesic- general booster to relief any pain related conditions.

  • Pure Pre Blend- leafy-minty

Cajeput essential oil- analgesic- anti-spasmodic- relaxes nerves; Clove leaf essential oil- analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anaesthetic- renown pain relief; Niaouli essential oil- analgesic, anti-rheumatic- relievers joint and rheumatic pain,



Cold Compression

To relieve intense nerve pain, dab or roll blended essence on the affected areas and follow by a cold pack compress. Repeat procedures until pain subsides.

Direct Inhalation

To relieve headache, dab or roll blended essence on the temples; or on a tissue to inhale deeply; or on a palm, rub both palms together vigorously, cup over the nose and take slow deep breaths; or to a pendant diffuser for direct inhalation.

Liniment / Massage

To ease intense sciatic or any pain related conditions, premix a few drops of blended essence to a blended oil or desired carrier oil, and apply directly to the affected areas with light massage until the oil is fully absorbed.


To relax nerve pain, switch on vaporiser to the maximum, add a few drops of blended essence according to the area size and intensity you desired to allow oil to evaporate and saturate the environment. Ensure all windows and door are closed.

Steam Inhalation

To relieve migraine, switch on steam inhaler filled with hot water to the maximum, add a one or few drops of blended essence according to the severity of pain, closed your eyes and inhale and exhale the steam via your nose, taking slow deep breaths. 


Pre blended with sweet almond carrier oil which has high nutritious minerals for topical application.

Liniment / Massage

To relieve sciatic or any pain related conditions, apply blended oil daily after shower to the affected areas with light massage until the oil is fully absorbed; or for a relaxation body massage.


Contra indication during pregnancy. Perform patch and/or scent test before use. For any skin allergic reactions, run tap water or a cool compress on affected areas until redness subsided. Store essential oil in a dark, cool and dry place and avoid sunlight and keep children out of reach.

Essential oils are not safe to apply on the skin undiluted nor to consume any small amounts which can cause significant poisoning.

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