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FB Peppermint Mask

FB Peppermint Mask

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SPA Peppermint Sheet Mask contains high level of vital skin nutrients designed to infuse deep hydration at cellular level, tighten open pores, dissolve impurities and restore a radiant and luminous complexion to oily and congested skin. Highly effective with immediate visible result.

Skin concerns

Oily, Congested & Open pores skin. Suitable for skin prone to clogged pores and blackheads.

Scent- fresh-sweet, minty

Bergamot essential oil- deodorant;

Juniper essential oil- astringent, depurative- tightens open pore, clears impurities;

Lemon essential oil- antioxidant, astringent, depurative- boost skin resistant against free radicals, tightens open pores, regulate sebum secretion, purify impurities; 

Rosemary essential oil - anti-oxidant, anti-microbial- a natural preservative; 

Peppermint essential oil- antiseptic, astringent, deodorant - destroy bacteria, tightens open pores, regulate sebum secretion

Silky sheet mask infused with hydrating and detoxifying essential oils, aloe vera, floral water, hyaluronic acid, distilled water, organic guar gum.



Remove the plastic film from the sheet mask and spread the sheet mask flat on your face using the eyes, nose and mouth cut-outs as a guide. You can apply the excess serum left in the pack over your neck and your elbows. Gently remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and dispose. Massage the excess serum on the face with tapping movements on both sides of the cheeks until it is fully absorbed.


Skin allergic reactions- remove the mask immediately and run tepid water over the face until redness and itch subsided. Store your mask in a cool place and use within 12 hours after open.

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