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LH Menopausthry

LH Menopausthry

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SPA Menopausthry wonder edition with immeasurable phytoestrogen and emmenagogue properties has beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. This ultra complex is reputed to regulate and balance hormonal secretions of oestrogen and progesterone where its grounding effect will help to restore femininity positiveness and reduce the symptoms of menopause. 

Options available:

1) Pre-blend

2) Prescriptive blending 

  • Organic Pre Blend-¬†sweet-peppery, spicy

Fennel, sweet essential oil- ostrogenic- balances fluctuation hormonal activity; Cypress essential oil- regulates hormones, alleviates severe hot flashes; Vetiver essential oil- hormone regulator- regulates hormonal secretions.

  • Pure Pre Blend-¬†sweet-musky

Aniseed essential oil - oestrogen- benefit for menopause; Fennel, sweet essential oil- ostrogenic- balances fluctuation hormonal activity;  Vetiver essential oil- hormone regulator- regulates hormonal secretions. 



Direct Inhalation

To relieve palpitations, with one drop of blended essence on a palm, rub both palms together vigorously, cup over the nose and inhale deeply for a few times. Use whenever necessary.


To relieve insomnia and irritability, switch on a vaporiser with a few drops of blended essence according to the area size and intensity to saturate the environment. Ensure all windows and door are closed.

Liniment / Massage

To regulate mood swings, dab or roll blended essence on the temples, behind the wrist, and behind the earlobes whenever necessary. 

For severe symptoms, blend a few drops blended essence to a blended oil or desired carrier oil, apply to the lower abdomen area in small circular movements until the oil is fully absorbed; or for an intensive body massage.


Pre blended with sweet almond carrier oil which has high nutritious minerals for topical application.

Liniment / Massage

For hormonal regulation, apply blended oil as a daily body moisturiser after shower; or indulge yourself in a weekly body massage.


Perform patch and/or scent test before use. For any skin allergic reactions, run tap water or a cool compress on affected areas until redness subsided. Store essential oil in a dark, cool and dry place and avoid sunlight and keep children out of reach.

Essential oils are not safe to apply on the skin undiluted nor to consume any small amounts which can cause significant poisoning.
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