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Intense Lavender

Intense Lavender

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SPA Intense Lavender  has a harmonising effect on the nervous system to create a sense of stability with passionate, charismatic and sensual to ease depression and nervous debility.

Types & effects 


Depression, insomnia, headache and stress related conditions.




Dab or roll blended essence on the temples, behind the wrists and at the back of the earlobes or any other pulse for a profound lasting effects; or drop one-two drops on a palm, rub both palms together vigorously, cup over the nose and take slow deep breaths; or drop to tissue and inhale directly by taking slow deep breaths; or dab on pad of a pendant diffuser to increase sense of stability. Use whenever necessary. 


Intense Lavender blended essence harmonising effect on the nervous system is ideal for stress and physiological related conditions. An all rounder with spectrum of therapeutic psychological and physiology values. This floral oil pairs with eucalyptus disinfects, relieves headaches, neuralgia and debility.

Switch on vaporiser to the maximum, add a few drops of blended essence oil alone or with other essential oils according to the area size and intensity you desired and allow the oil to saturate the environment. Ensure all windows and doors are closed.


General regarded as safe. Perform patch and/or scent test before use. For any skin allergic reactions, run tap water or cool compress on affected areas until redness subsided. Store essential oil in a dark, cool and dry place and avoid sunlight and keep children out of reach.

Essential oils are not safe to apply on the skin undiluted nor to consume any small amounts which can cause significant poisoning.

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