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Intense Sensual For Her

Intense Sensual For Her

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SPA Intense Sensual For Her has a profound sensual psychological effects on a woman when inhaled. This collection of aphrodisiac essential oils can help you set the mood for intimacy and can be introduced to your bedroom.

  • Organic Pre Blend¬†¬†
  • Pure Pre Blend¬†¬†¬†

Scent- floral- sensual

A strong blend of sensual essential oils comprises of Clary sage, Geranium and Ylang ylang to boosts female sexual desire, performance and pleasure. 



Bath / Shower

To promote sensuality, premix five drops blended essence to a 20 ml neutral shower gel for daily shower; or add five drops into a tub filled with warm steam water for an essential oil bath. 

Direct Inhalation

To enhance sensuality, add one-two drops of blended essence on a palm, rub both palms together vigorously, cup over the nose and inhale deeply; or drop to tissue; or dab on the pad of a pendant diffuser and inhale deeply by taking slow breaths. Use whenever necessary or as directed by a consultant. 

Liniment / Massage

To emit an enticing scent, dab or roll blended essence on the temples, behind the wrists and at the back of the earlobes or any other pulse for a profound lasting effects during intimacy.


To create an ambience and promote sensuality, switch on vaporiser to the maximum, add a few drops of blended essence according to the area size and intensity you desired, and allow the oil to evaporate to saturate the environment before entering the room. Ensure all windows and doors are closed.     


Pre blended with sweet almond or jojoba carrier oil which has a light and stable glycerine texture with moisturising properties.


To create a stimulation, roll on blended oil on desire pulse points or apply blended oil for a massage.


Perform patch or scent test before use. For any allergic reactions, immediately run tap water on affected areas until redness subsided. Store essential oil in a dark, cool and dry place, avoid sunlight and keep children out of reach.  

Essential oils are not safe to consume and can cause significant poisoning even if small amounts are ingested.  

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