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GH Grapefruit Flush

GH Grapefruit Flush

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SPA Grapefruit Flush combines the strongest diuretics and detoxifier therapeutic essence to combat the build-up of toxins and water retention caused by poor diet, stress and lack of exercise. This concoction coupled with a lymphatic massage will improve the sluggish drainage of lymphatic system and the overall systems of the body as a whole.

Options available:

1) Pre-blend

2) Prescriptive blending  


Scent- sweet-fruity

  • Organic Pre Blend
  • Pure Pre Blend

Scent- Fresh fruity, woody  

Cypress essential oil- venous decongestant, diuretic- encourage blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; Grapefruit essential oil-  depurative, diuretic - dissolve toxins accumulation and improve water retention; Orange essential oil - anti-coagulant, lymphatic stimulant- prevent blood clots and stimulant lymph drainage.



Liniment / Massage

To ease water congestion, premix a few drops of blended essence to a blended oil or a desired carrier oil and apply to the affected areas as directed by a consultant; or pre blend with a carrier oil to use as a body moisturiser. 


Pre blended with sweet almond carrier oil which has high nutritious minerals for topical application

To maintain and improve lymphatic drainage, apply blended oil as a body moisturiser daily, or use for a lymphatic drainage massage once a week. Recommended to use with Grapefruit Body Wash for best result.

Steam bath

Steam bath is great tool for flushing toxins. For maximum result, shower your body with Grapefruit body wash to get all the dirt out from your pores, towel dry your body and apply the premix blended oil to the entire body. Stay in the steam bath for 20 minutes and bring a bottle of water to drink while steaming. After steaming, cool your body for 5-10 minutes before taking another warm shower. 


Pre blended with jojoba carrier oil and seaweed algae complex to drain toxins accumulation and excessive water retention, strengthen elastin fibre, moisturiser hand and leg. 


Apply enough blended serum on the affected affected areas or as a body moisturiser on the entire body. Use as directed by an aromatherapist.


Perform patch and/or scent test before use. For any skin allergic reactions, run tap water or a cool compress on affected areas until redness subsided. Store essential oil in a dark, cool and dry place and avoid sunlight and keep children out of reach.

Essential oils are not safe to apply on the skin undiluted nor to consume any small amounts which can cause significant poisoning.

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